COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Testing is available at GCS for students, parents, and family members, upon request.

Please click here to submit your request to be tested. Our district office will then contact you to schedule your test.

In an effort to continue to provide the most current information in regards to our staff and students being impacted by the COVID-19 illness and/or quarantine requirements, the District will be publishing our COVID Data each Friday.

This data will include a breakdown of positive cases for students and staff by school, as well as including any individuals that are currently in a quarantine situation. Individuals who are directly impacted will be provided further directives by District Administration and/or the Livingston County Department of Health.

Data for the week of January 15 - January 22, 2022:

Test To Stay Students tested Monday: 4 (all tested negative)

Test To Stay Students Tested Tuesday: 11 (all tested negative)

Test To Stay Students Tested Wednesday: 11 (all tested negative)

Test To Stay Students Tested Thursday: 11 (all tested negative)

Test To Stay Students Tested Friday: 11 (10 tested negative, 1 tested positive)

Elementary Students that are Positive: 2

MS/HS Students that are Positive: 19

Quarantines Students: 0

Positive Staff members: 5

Test To Stay Program

Click here to view the protocol for participating in the Test To Stay program.

To participate in Test To Stay, a signed consent form must be provided to the District. Click here to print the consent form to bring with your child for testing.