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Ranked school in Livingston County for 2023-24 school year (U.S. News & World Report)


Ranked school in the Rochester area for 2023-24 school year (U.S. News & World Report)


High School graduation rate


Student-teacher ratio


Above average SAT score


Average amount in scholarships awarded for high schoolers each year

October students of the month

Oct. junior officer of the month

Michael Teeter (Grade K - Nov. Junior Officer Of The Month)

Peta Palazzo

Peta Palazzo (Grade 6)

Zoe Struble

Zoe Struble (Grade 6)

Miguel Matachana Sorgi

Miguel Matachana Sorgi (Grade 7)

Suela Hyseni

Suela Hyseni (Grade 7)

Eliana Pastizzo

Eliana Pastizzo (Grade 8)

Jack DiLaura

Jack DiLaura (Grade 8)

Kyle Davin

Kyle Davin (Grade 9)

Lorelei Weingaetner

Lorelei Weingaetner (Grade 9)

Abby Fowler

Abby Fowler (Grade 10)

Tyler Churchfield

Tyler Churchfield (Grade 10)

Jackie Chen

Jackie Chen (Grade 11)

Dai Wilcox

Dai Wilcox (Grade 11)

Britney Collado Mendez

Britney Collado-Mendez (Grade 12)

Will Schiener

Will Schiener (Grade 12)