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Ranked school in Livingston County for 2023-24 school year (U.S. News & World Report)


Ranked school in the Rochester area for 2023-24 school year (U.S. News & World Report)


High School graduation rate


Student-teacher ratio


Above average SAT score


Average amount in scholarships awarded for high schoolers each year

November students of the month

Nov junior officer of the month

Hazel Stevenson (Grade K - Dec. Junior Officer Of The Month)

Logan Utberg

Logan Utberg (Grade 6)

Liam Gerace

Liam Gerace(Grade 6)

Alan Rounding

Alan Rounding (Grade 7)

Emerson Meyer

Emerson Meyer (Grade 7)

Anna Aguilar

Anna Aguilar (Grade 8)

Jacobus Alaimo

Jacobus Alaimo (Grade 8)

Ellavonne Dyer

Ellavonne Dyer (Grade 9)

Jamie Ferrero

Jamie Ferrero (Grade 9)

Hazel Davis

Hazel Davis (Grade 10)

Regan Donegan

Regan Donegan (Grade 10)

Acadia Winslow

Acadia Winslow (Grade 11)

Isabelle Mallaber

Isabelle Mallaber (Grade 11)

Callan Rowcliffe

Callan Rowcliffe (Grade 12)

Will Chanler

Will Chanler (Grade 12)