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ICE Cup Goes to Geneseo

The coveted ICE Cup for 2021 was presented to the defending champion Geneseo Central School; it is the top honor awarded in the annual Interscholastic Competition in English (ICE).  

The pandemic restrictions required a change in the ICE format. While still a celebration of the English Language Arts with competing school districts matching their skills in writing, analysis, and recitation, this year’s ICE was entirely digital and completed at home or in school over a course of several weeks. In the past, teams met at a central location for a one-day event.

Each school had three teams of three students in the ICE, with each team member competing in a different category of English Language Arts skills. The categories were Interpretation of Literature, Dramatic Presentation, and Creative Writing. The scores earned in each category determined individual and team awards, and the school district with the highest overall score wins the grand prize of the ICE Cup.

The team awards are as follows. First place went to Geneseo Central School’s White Team, second to Geneseo’s Blue Team, third to Wayland-Cohocton Central School’s Alpha Team, fourth to Geneseo’s Devil Team, fifth to Wayland-Cohocton’s Gamma Team, and sixth to Wayland-Cohocton’s Beta Team. 

Individual awards for the Interpretation of Literature category went to Geneseo’s Emily Sullivan (first), Geneseo’s Sydney Matthews (second), Wayland-Cohocton’s Elijah Anderson (third), Wayland-Cohocton’s Griffin Abramowski (fourth), and Geneseo’s Addy Capel (fifth).

Awards for Dramatic Presentation went to Geneseo’s Mary Chanler (first), Geneseo’s Joseph DeBell (second), Geneseo’s Will Schiener (third), and Wayland-Cohocton’s Trevor Donlon (fourth).

The Creative Writing awards went to Geneseo’s Jacob French (first), Wayland-Cohocton’s Cari Stern (second), Wayland-Cohocton’s Kasey Buckley (third), Wayland-Cohocton’s Autumn Ladd (fourth), Geneseo’s Finn Roberson (fifth), and Geneseo’s Alexander Chiulli (sixth).

The ICE judging panel consisted of distinguished scholars and educators from the region. They were Shawn Adamson (Genesee Community College humanities professor), Katelyn Costello (author), Norm Gayford (Genesee Community College Department of English, retired); Mary Krickmire (Finger Lakes Community College theater professor), Dawn Siragusa (Brockport HS, Advanced Placement and American literature teacher), and Shawnda Urie (Roberts Wesleyan College theater professor).

ICE is a program of the Genesee Valley BOCES Enrichment Department and is coordinated by the yeoman efforts of Enrichment Specialist Julie Judge.