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Complete Census Online (Click for more information)

If you have not yet completed your Census, please consider completing it online:

1. Livingston County currently ranks third in the region in the 2020 Census Household Self Response Rate as of July 22, 2020:

2. Below is a map breakdown of the Self Response Rates by Livingston County Community. The goal remains to achieve a 67% Response Rate, surpassing 2010's, and working to ensure all County Residents are counted.


3. Livingston County's dedicated 2020 Census Website remains a readily available resource hub of information and promotion material for you to use.


4. Census remains important in a few ways to you, your organization, you clientele, and Livingston County as:

  • A full count assists NYS & Federal Lawmakers determine funding for programs and resources that help Livingston County schools. transportation networks, and many community residents.
  • Local governments use the Census Data for planning, public safety, and economic development.

The goal remains to surpass the 2010 self response rate of 67%, and ultimately ensure that all County residents are counted!

Encourage other Family, Friends, co-workers, clients, and Neighbors to: