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Thank You GCS Community!

The Board of Education, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of Geneseo Central extend our thanks and gratitude to the GCS School Community for supporting all of the expenditure propositions presented in this year's vote. Congratulations to Craig Phelps and Michael Tenalio on their re-election to the Board for 3-year terms. Thanks to Matthew Mallaber for his interest in serving the District's students. The Proposition results are as follows:

Proposition 1: Adoption of $21,295,016 2019-2020 Budget
416 yes / 76 no

Proposition 2: Purchase 2 Buses (1 large and 1 small) at a maximum expenditure of $209,638
418 yes / 75 no

Proposition 3: Expenditure of $25,000 from an existing Instructional Equipment Reserve for Physical Education and Instructional Technology Equipment
403 yes / 88 no

Results of Board of Education Election ( two 3-year terms):
Craig Phelps - 332 votes
Michael Tenalio - 311 votes
Matthew Mallaber - 211 votes

2019 Budget Vote and Election Results

FORM Budget Vote Result Request to Districts - Tally Sheet