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    An Open Letter to Our New Commissioner and The Board of Regents

    Dear Commissioner Elia and Members of the Board of Regents;

    I was delighted to meet and listen to our new Commissioner at the
    Rural Schools Conference held in Cooperstown earlier this summer. I
    left the conference optimistic that we are turning a corner in New
    York State. In my opinion, for too long, we have had a confrontational
    relationship between the Commissioner/Board of Regents and the public
    school educational practitioners across the state. My feeling after
    encountering Commissioner Elia is that "she gets it." I feel like
    there is someone serving as our Commissioner who understands what
    happens and needs to happen in our public schools. It is my most
    sincere and deepest hope that I am right about this change.

    In order to further encourage dialogue around this change, I refer you
    to the article below that was published by the Washington Post on
    August 15, 2015. This post illustrates the primary problem with the
    current teacher evaluation system. It illustrates the non-common sense
    approach that parents and our school communities are revolting
    against. Educators and public school communities do not view the
    attachment of student standardized test scores to educator ratings as
    reasonable. Change this and we can make this system work and work
    well. Don't change it and nothing good will come of the movement to
    reform our learning standards. This statement may seem simplistic.
    However, I believe it is a fair and accurate assessment of where things
    stand. The "Opt Out Movement" to dismantle the Common Core Standards
    and assessments has serious momentum. We need to make allies and
    partners of our public school families and teachers. That effort has
    been woefully lacking up to this point.

    In closing, allow me to state that I, and my public school colleagues
    around New York State, stand ready to join you in implementing
    rigorous and appropriate Common Core State Standards and assessments
    that are utilized to accurately determine if our students, schools and
    districts are meeting those standards.


    Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes, Superintendent

tim hayes

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