• Geneseo Central School

    Driver Education Program

    Fall/Winter 2020/2021



    State of New York Requirements:


    The state requires a driver education class that runs through a public school to complete 24 hours of in-class instruction and 24 hours of in-car instruction with a minimum of 6 hours of behind the wheel training. At the conclusion of the course, students will be issued an MV-285 certificate from the state. The MV-285 certificate also serves as the 5-hour pre-licensing course certificate (MV-278).  


    Additional COVID-19 state requirements.

    • Instructors are not allowed to be in any car with students at this point.
    • As a result, schools can now use parents as the sole in-car instructor (24 hours min).
    • The 24 hours of behind the wheel training will be with parents in their own car with some direction from the instructor as to what to practice.
    • Classes can and will be instructed remotely via zoom.


    2020/2021 Dates and Times:


    The 16 1.5 hour zoom classes will tentatively start in early December and run through February break.  I anticipate having class every Tuesday and Friday from 3:30-5 pm via zoom. Classes will not run during Christmas break or February break.  There will be up to 2 Make-up classes/assignments if needed.  A finalized schedule will be set once we know student interest.     




    Students can only miss 2 classes.  This includes vacations, sports, work, sick days, etc.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  Make-up classes for the 2 missed will be scheduled based on need the final week of the course 2/8/21 to 2/12/21.


    Sign-ups and cost:


    Students or parents can sign up by contacting Mr. Davidson directly. The course is limited to 36 students and needs at least 12 students to run. 

    The cost of the course is $200/student. Full payment must be made prior to the first class on 12/8/20.  Checks should be made to Geneseo Central Schools and given to Kathy Mackey in the main office.  


    Instructor - Mr. Davidson:


    Mr. Davidson has been an Earth Science teacher at Geneseo High School for the past 12 years. He has a permanent New York State driver education certificate and has been teaching driver education in Geneseo for the past 8 years.  


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris Davidson at chrisdavidson@geneseocsd.org.