Our Schedule

  • As you know, our schedule allows for our students to visit different teachers throughout the day.  In addition to our special area teachers, first graders also see Mrs. Sleggs for Science and Social Studies, Mrs. Murray for Reading Extensions, and Mrs. Adrian for Math Extensions.  Please let me know if you need clarification when reading the schedule.


    Our Daily Schedule

    7:45- 8:00

    Arrival, Breakfast

    8:05- 8:50


    9:00- 9:40

    Flex Time (Could include mini lessons, read alouds, etc)

    Library and Computer Lab will each be one day in an 8 day cycle


    Small Group Math/Reading (with Mrs. Murray) or Math Extensions (with Mrs. Adrian)

    10:35- 11:20

    Small Group Math/Reading or Math Extensions

    (Each student will have one block of time in the room and one out)

    11:25- 12:05

    Whole Group Language Arts/ Writing

    12:05- 12:25


    Indoor or Outdoor depending on weather

    12:25- 12:55


    1:05- 1:45

    Small Group Reading/ Science-Social Studies with Mrs. Sleggs

    1:50- 2:30

    Small Group Reading/ Science- Social Studies with Mrs. Sleggs

    2:30- 2:40

    Pack Up






    Day 1: PE with Mrs. Bugbee

    Day 2: Art with Mr. Wedge

    Day 3: PE with Mrs. Bugbee

    Day 4: Music with Mr. Whalley


    *I will update this page and notify you when we know our day and time for library and computer lab!