Meet the Candidates Running for our Board of Education

  •  David Dwyer
    David Dwyer

    Address: 236 Lima Road, Geneseo, NY  14454

    After graduating from Geneseo Central, my association with the district continued when I was hired as a substitute school bus driver while working on my undergraduate degree at SUNY Geneseo.  I later became a full-time driver and then the Transportation Supervisor, where I served for 26 years, until my retirement.  I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility of safely transporting our kids to school each day.  My extremely caring and skilled staff of professional school bus drivers made my job easy.  It was a joy to come to work each day.  I am proud of our current Transportation Supervisor, Jay Ballard, who, along with his remarkable staff, continues to do a great job transporting our kids each day.

    After I retired, I was encouraged to seek a seat on the Board of Education.  It was an honor to be elected and I continue to be very grateful for the continued support from the residents of the district.  Over the last few years, it has been a pleasure to serve as board vice president, under the wise and capable leadership of our current president, Mrs. Jennifer Mehlenbacher.  Jenn is one of the finest leaders I have ever known, and she has led the board through some difficult times as well as some very good times.  She led us through the extensive process that resulted in the selection of Mrs. Cindy Flowers as our superintendent.  The selection of Mrs. Flowers was my proudest achievement as a board member.  The board met for countless hours reviewing the large number of resumes we received, interviewing candidates, and finally asking Mrs. Flowers to be our chief school officer.  The effort was well worth it.  I think my colleagues on the board would agree she is an incredibly skilled leader and the perfect fit for our school district.

    Thanks to the support from our voters, I look forward to being involved in the work leading to the completion our building project.  This project will greatly improve our academic facilities, along with providing much needed improvements to our auditorium, benefiting our fine arts programs.  Also included is an artificial turf field, which will enable our athletes to compete on a safe, durable field.  It will also enable physical education classes and classroom recreation access to a safe field through much of the year.  

    I thank you for your past support and I would ask for and be grateful for your vote on May 18th


    Matthew Mallaber

    Matt Mallaber

    Address21 Wadsworth Street, Geneseo, NY  14454

    Family: My wife Lorrie and I have been married for almost 19 years and together we have two wonderful children in 8th grade and 5th grade. I have lived in Geneseo for 26 years.

    Relevant Experience: I currently work for New York State OPWDD. I am responsible for the management, oversight and compliance with NYS and Federal regulations for several area group homes serving individuals with disabilities and I sit on several committees. Previously, I was a local business owner in Geneseo, which gave me valuable experience in the areas of budgeting and communicating with the public.  These are essential to a role on the Board of Education.  I am currently the Vice President for the Friends of Wadsworth Library and am proud of the work we do assisting the library in meeting its programming goals.  Additionally, I was a member of a work group that assisted the library with their capital improvement project. This past year, I participated on the Wadsworth Library long range committee to offer ideas to the Library Board to meet the library districts needs into the future.  In the past, I volunteered as a youth basketball coach. I have been regularly attending Geneseo School Board meetings for the past 3 years.  The current work that I am performing with my organization and my volunteer work with local organizations has given me a valuable skill set that I feel I could apply if elected to the Board of Education.

    Reasons for Seeking Election:  I have seen first-hand the level of dedication that it takes to be an impactful teacher, as my wife has been a teacher in other districts for over 20 years.  Having majored in education in college as well, I share this common passion.  I would like to serve the school district in a meaningful way to support the educational environment for students, faculty, and administration.  I believe in a growth mindset for education, and place equal value on trade and vocational opportunities, as well as advanced placement coursework.  All students should be taught at their developmental level; whether that student needs special education services or is offered advanced placement classes.  I have been a strong advocate as a parent and community member at Board of Education meetings for fine arts, STEAM programs, and for the district to put forth the budget that it needs to meet the program and extra-curricular offerings for the students.  I also support a building project that meets the needs of the district going forward in the areas of education, the arts, and athletics.

    I firmly believe in character education for the students and also feel that teaching tolerance, empathy, and self-esteem are important.  School is about teaching the whole child; you’re never too young to learn kindness. Education doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  In order for each child to achieve their full potential, parents, along with the School District, must fulfill their roles in supporting and instilling the value of lifelong learning.  John Dewey stated, “Education is not an affair of telling and being told, but an active and constructive process.”  Education should instill in students the passion for learning, continued curiosity, and a sense of purpose. In students, a school district should foster a connection to their community and society.  When a teacher is passionate about the subject they are teaching, that enthusiasm is contagious.  I am in favor of educational environments where students and teachers are emboldened to take on challenges.  Growth happens when we learn to persevere, overcoming our mistakes by challenging our thinking.  This is a valuable lesson for students to learn, as they will carry that forward throughout their lives.  Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.  Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” 

    I would enjoy working with a dynamic group of people who all have shown a passion for education, and I’m eager to play a role in fulfilling the Board of Education’s mission and goals.  Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your vote on May 18th.

    Kevin Niedermaier

     K Neidermaier

    Address: 5488 Gamble Road, Geneseo, NY  14454

    Family: Wife-Beth, Sons- Adam 9th grade at GCS, Michael, Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy (GCS 2001), Daughter- Kelly, Registrar Syracuse University (GCS 2002)

    Lived in the GCS District for: Lifetime resident of the school district

    Why do you wish to serve on the Board?

    I recently retired as the Director of Emergency Management for Livingston County. I continue to be interested in the safety and well-being of our community and that starts with our kids and their school.

    As you know, the school district is the hub of any community and our kids deserve the best.  Their school should be the most inclusive and safest place it can be to give them a place to learn at the highest level possible.  In our ever-changing world we need to always be looking ahead to keep our schools safe, on budget and productive. That is what I would hope to do if given the opportunity to serve as a member of the Geneseo Central School board.

    Relevant Experience:

    Director of Emergency Management for Livingston County for 25 years – In charge of budgets, secured state and federal grants, emergency planning: preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.  In charge of 9 Federal declared disasters.  Specialty in logistics and planning.

    Oversaw the development and building of the County Emergency Operations Center and Fire Training Center.