• Committee on Pre School Special Education (CPSE)


    All children with disabilities ages 3-5 are eligible to receive special education services as determined by the Committee on Preschool Education. The CPSE is a decision making committee who determine eligibility and the appropriate level of services for preschool children.  This committee is made up of individuals from:


    • the school district
      • regular education teacher
      • special education teacher
      • LEA representative 
    • the evaluating agency
    • Livingston County
    • the child's parents  
    • a parent representative


    The committee determines the appropriateness of services for preschool children, which may include:

    • LRE (Least Restrictive Environment)
    • Home, day care or preschool that the child currently attends
    • In a special education classroom at an approved State Education Preschool Program
    • Full and half-day center-based programs
    • Integrated programs
    • Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy

    CPSE Evaluation: The initial evaluation is comprehensive. The evaluation includes:

    • a social history
    • a psychological assessment
    • a medical history assessment
    • an educational assessment/observation
    • other appropriate assessments as defined by New York State Education Department Guidelines

    Who is Eligible: A preschool student having a significant delay in one or more functional areas related to:

    • Cognitive skills
    • Communication skills
    • Social-emotional skills
    • Motor skills which adversely affects their ability to learn

    Available Services:

    • Related services (Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy)
    • SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) emphasis is placed on a child’s growth and development within the child’s regular environment.
    • Related Services in combination with Special Class in an integrated setting (SEIT)
    • Special Class comprised of students with disabilities based on similarity of needs


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