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    Thank you to everyone who auditioned. There were many difficult decisions to make and we appreciate your patience during the selection process. Auditions were very competitive. If you were cast, please pick up a script from Mrs. DeBell in the elementary school and highlight your lines. The scripts are yours to keep.


    There are many scheduling conflicts during the rehearsal period, so it will take me a few days to create an accurate rehearsal schedule in google calendar that will accommodate for all of the various sports, activities, jobs and other obligations of this wonderful cast and crew. Please be on the lookout for an email to you and to your parents with the schedule and other information.



    Mrs. DeBell & the audition team- Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Tulowiecki



    Elwood P. Dowd- Matt Capel

    Veta Louise Simmons- Lili Loughlin

    Myrtle Mae Simmons- Mary Chanler

    Dr. William R. Chumley- Isaac Post

    Mrs. Betty Chumley- Hannah Steinhauer

    Dr. Lyman Sanderson- Jordan Aho

    Nurse Ruth Kelly- Addy Capel

    Duane Wilson- Jacob French

    Judge Omar Gaffney- Max Neiderbach

    1. F. Lofgren (Cab Driver)- Josh Matthews/Harrison Oliver

    Miss Johnson- Mallory Rice

    Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet- Ayla Ray



    Stage Managers: Bella Robertson, Mara Harvey (props/running), James Thomas (light board)

    ASM- Regina Cucchiara

    Sound: Bella Thomas, Sydney Matthews

    Light Board: Alex McLean

    Light Board/ASM in training: Will Chanler, Rafael Rutigliano

    Running Crew/ASM in training: Sam Chanler

    Running Crew/Props/Construction/Painting:

    Aspen Griffing, Ben Herman, Avila Loughlin, April Ford, Rissa Sykes, Zoe Neiderbach

    Makeup/Hair: Emma Vitello, Cassie White, Olivia Videtti, Jessica Ruskauff

    Costumes: Claire Halstead, Lydia Payne, Jessie Kelly, Mia Loughlin, Belle Sykes, Erin Leigh Hoffman

    *Not all crew will be needed backstage for performances.


    House Managers: Isabel Granger and Joey DeBell

    All cast and crew are requested to attend set construction and painting nights when possible. Running and props crew would need to attend all the scheduled sessions unless they have a conflict. 





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