Geneseo Central Education Fund

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    The Geneseo Central Education Fund was formed in 2009 to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students and staff in the Geneseo, N.Y. Central School district by encouraging and disbursing charitable gifts as well as by raising funds.  We believe that the best possible education is the most important investment a community can make. 

    Since its inception, the fund has received or raised more than $18,000 for projects and has given out more than $10,000 to support education at Geneseo Central. A significant portion of the money raised has come from an annual basketball game between Geneseo Central staff and community members. Donations have also come from alumni groups. And money has been given in honor or memory of Geneseo staff and alumni.

    The fund's board also watches over seven scholarships that are given annually to graduating seniors. Since 2009, $18,200 in scholarship aid has been awarded.

    The fund is organized under its own bylaws, and its volunteer board is comprised of members of the Geneseo school community. The fund is a not-for-profit component of the Livingston County Education Alliance (LCEA).  

    Money from the Fund can be used for a variety of educational purposes.  Examples include:

    * New curricular initiatives

    * Technological innovations

    * Staff training

    * Outside speakers

    * Scholarships

    * Faculty-supervised student research. 


    Please support the Geneseo Central Education Fund!

    Thank you on behalf of the students of GCS!



    Phone 585-243-3450, ext. 2214


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