Board Goals, Mission, and Vision

  • Geneseo Central Schools District Goals




    To enable all members of the school community to become life-long learners and valued contributors to a global society.


    Vision: Academics

    • We will be a district where students receive highly effective instruction of relevant and rigorous curriculum, and where students perform successfully on meaningful assessments.
    • Across all disciplines, we will provide diverse curricular and extra-curricular programs that offer high quality experiences for all students.
    • All students will be prepared for a meaningful post-secondary experience.
    • We will be a district that graduates students of sound mind and body, with empathy toward others, a strong work ethic, global awareness, and the motivation to contribute to the broader community.
    • We will create positive learning environments that foster supportive relationships.


    Vision: Community & Collaboration

    • Our school will be a center of community activity for the Geneseo Central School District.
    • We will create and maintain positive relationships with families, community members, agencies, alumnae, and other key stakeholders with a focus on effective communication.
    • We will be a vibrant and welcoming school community that promotes what is best for all students.


    Vision: Fiscal and Facility Stability

    • We will be a fiscally stable district that can thrive in changing economic climates.
    • We will provide quality facilities that meet the needs of our school community.


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