Off Season Volleyball

  • Off Season Work


    What YOU need to be doing before volleyball starts in August to be ready!


    Please click the link at bottom to download and save a copy of the Geneseo Lady Devils Volleyball Off-Season Guide!


    In addition to the guide there are various workout plans and programs  that YOU NEED to do to be prepared for next season!!


    Informational Meetings: Mandatory meetings to get information on upcoming volleyball events including possible fundraisers. 


    Open Gyms:  Will be announced throughout the summer.  Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended!


    Camps: Camps are a great way to work on and learn new skills as well as play volleyball straight for a week or so.  Camps should be used in conjunction to working out on your own or with teammates.  Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended! *See coaches for a information on camps.*


    Summer League:  Once a week in Livonia during the summer, attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended!


    Individual Work: While we will spend time on conditioning during the season, athletes should come to play in Aug. in shape and ready to play.  *See coaches for off season workout activities.*


    !!!!!!!!!PLAY AND BE ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!



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