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  • Kindergarten 2020-21

    If you have a child who is a district resident born between December 2, 2014, and December 1, 2015, and did not receive an enrollment packet, please contact me by one of the methods listed below.  I am currently in the office every few days.

    We are currently accepting completed packet drop-off at our meal distribution sites between 11:30 and 12:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Those sites are the Highlands Apartment Complex, Country Max Parking Lot, and Groveland Fire Hall. Kindergarten Screening sign-ups have been suspended for now.


    Universal Pre-Kindergarten 2020-21

    For district residents born between December 2, 2015, and December 1, 2016 -- the application deadline was March 16, 2020.  A lottery will be held on Monday, March 30, 2020, to determine the 18 students and a waiting list; no spectators will be allowed.  Once the 18 students have been selected, parents will be notified immediately; they will receive an enrollment packet, which must be returned, postmarked by April 22nd.  An Information Night for parents of selected students will be held at the Pride and Joy Campus at a future date.  They will also distribute enrollment forms, including the requirement for a physical examination and immunizations.  Parents of children on the waiting list will also be notified.


    New Student Registration

    As of March 2020 - please write, call or email Joan Henchen to have an enrollment packet sent to you.

    Geneseo Central School has a strict residency policy.  Students must reside within district boundaries with their parent or guardian.

    A raised seal birth certificate and proof of immunization are required for all students.  Legal documents are required in cases of divorce, legal separation, adoption and foster placement.  However, in cases where a birth certificate or record of baptism is not available, a passport (including foreign passport) may be used to determine a child’s age (Education Law §3218[1][b]). If a birth certificate, record of baptism and passport are unavailable, the school district may consider certain other documentary or recorded evidence to determine a child’s age (Education Law §3218[1][d]). Below is a list of examples of documentation that may be used for this purpose. Please note that this list is intended only to provide examples of documentation that may be relevant to establishing a student’s age – it is not intended to be exhaustive, nor is it a list of required documentation.

    • Official driver’s license
    • State- or other government-issued ID
    • School photo ID with date of birth
    • Consulate identification card
    • Hospital or health records (in New York City, Hospital Birthing Records)
    • Military dependent ID card
    • Native American tribal document
    • Record(s) from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies (VOLAGs) 

    Registration forms are available below.  Please call me with any questions.

    Former Student Records Requests

    To request a transcript, please provide your name (and maiden name if applicable), graduation year or dates of enrollment, your telephone number, and the address where the transcript should be sent.  Colleges normally require that we send transcripts directly to their admissions office.

    To request other school records, please specify the records needed.  Some are maintained only for a limited time.  To request immunization records, send a self-address, stamped envelope to School Nurse Heidi Mueller.  Immunization records are maintained for ten years following graduation.

    Joan Henchen, Registrar

    (585) 243-3450, ext. 1028 -- It may take a few days for a response by this method.


Mrs. Henchen, School Registrar

Mrs. Henchen

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